Blackpool Coast Line – full journey

Over the next few months I intend to film the various sections of the Blackpool Tram route.Will post the sections as they are completed

May also edit a single version which is the entire tun in one video.

Here is the first section I filmed.

Will arrange them in journey order as I progress through the shoots and editing.

All videos are shot on an iPhone 6, edited using iMovIe.

First one up:

Little Bispham to Bispham and Bispham towards Uncle Tom’s Cabin


A Train can Travel Fast or Slow

A train can travel fast or slow,
the driver needs to take care,
not too quick, not too slow,
driving is an art.

Her hand slowly slipped off the table,
to slide down to find that part of him
that would please her, tease her,
release her.

The train roared on, driven by a driver
eager to get to to the next part of the journey.

Her hand always found its destination.
Timing is important,
never work in haste,
a driver should be considerate.

The speed of the train slowed,
an assured hand in control.
One cannot arrive too quickly.
The arrival is everything, full of expectation and pleasure.

The joy of a journey travelled and attained is everything,
never to be rushed or taken for granted.

She never set off too early,
she was experienced in the art of travel,
a woman who never raced to her destination.

Each journey travelled she was


The Wanderer

You’re a wanderer who doesn’t want to find the wilderness,                                                       you’re more likely to ramble into a room of a traveller;                                                                   a quiet one, one who listens to you.

No globetrotter who has lewd tales to tell will do for you;                                                               a literary wayfarer or a nomad who has found his home                                                               might reveal all you have to give.

No transient, one night stand, flash in the pan kind of man.                                                     Away with thee hiker, hobo, bum.                                                                                           Though you do need someone who will illicit fun.

You’re a wanderer                                                                                                                               but only in motion,                                                                                                                           your heart remains in one place.