The Beatles

Let it Be – The Beatles – DVD

Time for Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to rattle a few feathers down at Apple and get the film, ‘Let it Be’ released on DVD in the UK.


One of the definitive music documentaries of that past and still a major contender for one of the best music documentaries ever made is The Beatles, ‘Let it Be’ directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg, edited by Tony Lenny and Graham Gilding, cinematographer Tony Richmond.

For those who have never seen the film, the reason it has the tag ‘one of the best music documentaries ever made’ is because it shows the amount of hard work which is required to create an album.

It is an honest film; a warts and all approach which would not be allowed by many music artists now.

It was filmed at Twickenham Studios and in Apple’s offices. The final scene to the film is a live concert on the roof at 3 Savile Row, London.

Yet fifty three years later it is still unavavilabe as a DVD in the UK. Why? It has been released in the USA on DVD, why not the UK? I seem to remember the Beatles were a British band. They started in England and Hamburg, made their first serious amounts of earnings in England.

The rights to the film are held by Apple, a British company. Why then no release? Are they waiting for the last of the Beatle fans to die off? Is the final cut negative and sound mix of the film lying on a shelf in Apple’s London office?

Can’t show a clip as most of the examples which were on You Tube have been taken down by…Apple.