Ron Taylor worked for BBC Television, London from 1977-92 as a film editor. He also directed for the BBC. Programme departments he worked for were: documentaries, drama, music, arts and current affairs.

Re-writing Tom Liston as a novel, you can find the opening chapters here:


Has a novel ‘Dr. Zeno’s Pigs’ to finish sometime in 2017/18.

Now dipping toes into game development using Unity.

2017 – ‘Maze Madness’ now in development.



Good Day Sunshine – screenplay

I enjoyed the script and I do think you have a very strong lean writing style, and you clearly know the world very well indeed which adds to the authenticity.”

Steve Matthews – Size 9 Films (Ray Wintsone’s film company)

Fragmented Lives – screenplay

“I was taken by your lean writing and the quick pace of the story” – Elsie Choi, Development Exec).” – Bruce Willis and Co.

Painting by Numbers – TV comedy

Secured me a place on a writers’ workshop sponsored by Universal Pictures and the BBC.


Moving into App creation in 2017.


Television / Freelance

During the 90s he edited documentaries for Channel Four and started his own production company.

Corporate clients have included: The Royal Opera House, EMAP Metro, The Corporation of London (film shown at the World Cup in Japan) and a co-production with Hulton-Getty about the Hollywood photographer Slim Aarons.


Films made for his You Tube channel PZK12 include: Junk Box – The Final Cut (Producer/DJs, Drum ‘n Bass to House), Tiffany Page (rock band), Derek Smith photographer, Andrew Dixon artist, interview with Professor Jacqueline Labbe (Warwick University) plus several music videos.


February 2013, he published an Arts magazine ‘Chameleon’ for iPads and Kindles. 1,700 people downloaded it.

2015 – he published ‘How to Shoot and Edit Your Home Movies Like a Pro’ in Apple’s iBookstore (includes over 40 ‘How To’ video clips).

You Tube 


(now over 115, 000 views)


 The man in the header is Alan Sillitoe (1928 – 2010) a British writer.

Mixed media – painting by me.


  1. Oh you seem to be quite accomplished. I’m suppose to publish a novel next year as well, but I’m rethinking everything about it. How do you stay motivated?

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