Shoot and Edit Your Home Movies Like a Pro – free sample

Here is a free sample of ‘Shoot and Edit Your Home Movies Like a Pro’ – includes three video examples.

I have created this download as I think the sample created by Apple does not contain any video examples. Size of the file is

This sample is designed for use on an iPad. It will not work on a Kindle because Amazon will not support video.


Grab a sample here: Apple iBooks:


Video examples for: Wedding video – How to shoot documentary action – Shooting a Drama  – file size 18.5MB



Peter Parr – storyboards

Examples of good shots

How to shoot a Wedding – sample



One Wedding, No Funeral

If it is your ‘special day’ you want to ensure that all the events are captured on the wedding video. You hope to be able to view your video, five, ten or twenty years on and not be asking yourself: why didn’t they film ______ ?

The other day I viewed a wedding video which fell well short of expectations. All that was included in the final cut was the guests arriving, the ceremony, guests leaving.

There were no shots of the party, dance, speeches, the happy couple cutting the cake or the two of them driving off into the sunset.

Whether a wedding consists of two hundred guests or is a small affair of twenty, the minimum requirements for a good wedding video are:


Exterior church

Interior church

Guests arriving

Groom and Best Man arrive

Bride and her Father arrive

Ceremony and Vows

Bride and her Groom leave the Church

Interviews with a few of the guests

Montage of all the children attending

The Meal


Party / Dance

The Happy Couple as they drive off

Music montage of the highlights of the day


Maybe not all the above would make the final cut but most of them should or at least be filmed and handed over to the couple for their own family archive.

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