Month: June 2017

A Train can Travel Fast or Slow

A train can travel fast or slow,
the driver needs to take care,
not too quick, not too slow,
driving is an art.

Her hand slowly slipped off the table,
to slide down to find that part of him
that would please her, tease her,
release her.

The train roared on, driven by a driver
eager to get to to the next part of the journey.

Her hand always found its destination.
Timing is important,
never work in haste,
a driver should be considerate.

The speed of the train slowed,
an assured hand in control.
One cannot arrive too quickly.
The arrival is everything, full of expectation and pleasure.

The joy of a journey travelled and attained is everything,
never to be rushed or taken for granted.

She never set off too early,
she was experienced in the art of travel,
a woman who never raced to her destination.

Each journey travelled she was


Dangerous Woman (for M…)

She slowly slipped into my life
then later she slipped into my bed.

My dangerous woman,
bright, quiet, quick witted,
driven to make her mark, to make a change.

Not easily shaken,
She drives on, a forward movement
until she reaches her goal.

Her daily illicit affair with data, rolls on,
nothing is consigned to paper.
Her eyes scan, decode,
Her fingers caress the keyboard.

Tenacious, relentless.
Not a woman to suffer dangerous people.
Fingers upon her keyboard ease their way
through the maze, to avoid online traps.

There can be no easy road for her.
It will always be a long, winding journey,
Often travelled, seldom with an end location.

Yet in bed, she is……
Carefree, a willing lover,
a relentless lover in pursuit of pleasure.

A kiss, a caress, my slow movements to
reveal her, reassure her, to undress her.
Another kiss, at first short, then long.
A slow caress to open her mind, her senses, her body.

Her perfume is intoxicating,
I want to drown in pleasure
to make her high, to entice her.

My red headed lover sighs,
needs to be taken on a sensual journey,
to be sexually, emotionally high.

Her whole body needs my touch.
I caress her breasts, move my mouth down
to caresses the inside of her thighs.
My tongue slowly opens her,
to relax her, release her.

Deep in bed she slowly slips her thighs around my waist.
Now I push, slow, shallow, deep, slow.
Her her whole body quivers with delight,
slow, shallow, pause, deeper.