Victoria Wood

What a sad, sad day.

She was in a class of her own.
An exceptional talent.

A brilliant writer.
Great performer.
He comedy series were far better
than many of her of contemporaries.

She also knew when it was time to stop,
it is to her credit that she was never interested
in running her series until the material ran out
of steam. One series or two if you were lucky.

It is hard to choose only one of her series because she
was at the top of her game in each one.

She lived in the Lake District, kept away from
the London crowd.

I edited a film interview with her about her record collection.
Before the shoot the director chatted to me about where
to film her. We both both agreed on a piano repair shop.
Ursula, the director, found a great location in Preston.
The interview was shot there.

At the viewing the series producer asked us why had we interviewed
Victoria Wood in a piano workshop?
Stupid man.
That is what we had to contend with in Music and Arts.

Victoria Wood – smashing it to them – live – You Tube