Month: April 2015

There would be no Sleep Now

There would be no sleep now as he remembered a sensual exchange, not too long ago, which had taken him to a higher place.

Her words had caressed him, excited him, driven him to a desire that burned.

He now lay in bed, remembered; wanted her desire to lead him again to a place where she could write her own words to entice, to create a new experience, driven by heart and desire.

A crystal clear image slipped into his mind. There would be no sleep now

The Wanderer

You’re a wanderer who doesn’t want to find the wilderness,                                                       you’re more likely to ramble into a room of a traveller;                                                                   a quiet one, one who listens to you.

No globetrotter who has lewd tales to tell will do for you;                                                               a literary wayfarer or a nomad who has found his home                                                               might reveal all you have to give.

No transient, one night stand, flash in the pan kind of man.                                                     Away with thee hiker, hobo, bum.                                                                                           Though you do need someone who will illicit fun.

You’re a wanderer                                                                                                                               but only in motion,                                                                                                                           your heart remains in one place.