How to Edit Video on an iPad – assembly edit


Regardless of whether you are editing an indie feature, a wedding video, baby’s christening, your holiday in Florida or dad’s attempt to build a patio, the first thing you will need to do in creating your award winning movie is to get the footage you have shot into the editing ‘timeline’ so that you can start the real job of editing.

Having selected NEW PROJECT you then tap on MOVIE to open up your editing software.

TAP on Video, Photos or Audio to add your media to the timeline.


On the right hand side you will see the footage you have shot.


TAP on a shot then you will see this:


TAP on the ARROW which is pointing down and your shot will drop into the timeline.


Bear in mind that you will obviously shoot more footage than you need to tell your story.

When you do your ‘first edit’ just select the shots you like and place them into the timeline. Do not worry about which shots are too long. Just get all the shots into the timeline,  later you can rearrange the order of your shots and change the duration of each shot.

It the next edit you do will be more creative as you start to shape your movie in terms of pace, style, use of music and the adding of titles.

More on that in the next lesson.

One thing to remember, never worry about making mistakes. You can always unpick an edit to remove a mistake.

Enjoy your first assembly edit.

Here is a video shot and edited on an iPad.


Shoot and Edit Your Home Movie like a Pro – iBookstore

Grab a sample here:


Part Three: Dissolves and Cuts:

There is more to come in this series:

Editing – Getting music onto the video – Titles – Trimming shots – Audio mixing