How to edit Video on an iPad – dissolves/cuts

As you assemble your video on an iPad using iMovie it has a default setting of making all your shots in a sequence dissolve; as you add each new shot to  your movie you get a dissolve instead of a cut.









It is easy to change the edit from a dissolve into a cut.

Here we have two shots which dissolve. If you TAP on the  icon between the shots you can change it from:








… into a:







You select the cut icon from the selection at the bottom of the edit window.








The other icons allow to push one shot into the following shot instead of a cut or have a ripple effect.

Try them out. It easy to revert to the cut version if you see anything you don’t like.

Remember films are made up of cuts. You hardly ever see a dissolve in a modern feature film.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try them out; you never know, the dissolve may come back into fashion. It only takes someone like Tarantino to use them in a film then everyone will be using them.

Happy editing.


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