Month: December 2013

Leave your Children at the Railway Station

More than 400,000 youngsters are starting university in the UK this year. That means hundreds of thousands of parents saying goodbye.” BBC News

I don’t know why parents put themselves through this emotional turmoil. It would be better for all to say goodbye to them at home, take them to the railway station and wish them well from there.

When I left home for film school mum and dad took me to the railway station. I had one suitcase. I didn’t take the whole bedroom with me. Looking back I think that is the best way. You become independent far quicker.

I can understand that parents want the best for their children but I don’t think they help them by my moving everything but the kitchen sink down to the university campus. As for driving them down? We have a very good railway system in this country.

One thing, the most important, which this article does not touch upon is the parents who are going to suffer deep depression for the first time in their lives. Maybe the journalist didn’t want to make a daunting experience more traumatic. It cannot be easy to live in a house which has had some of the heart and soul taken away from it.

So, better to leave your children at the railway station. See them off. Wish them well. Don’t drive them down to the college, university. They are young adults now, not four year olds at the primary school gates.

Good luck.