Live it, don’t film it.


I wonder how many people, who go to a music gig, later regret spending their time filming it on a phone instead of simply enjoying the experience.

There was a rock gig recently where the band, The Lumineers, stopped playing and asked the audience to stop filming them.

I can understand people filming their friends who they have attended the gig with but not the band. It should remain in your head and your heart. No need to film it. It will not only look bad but also sound atrocious.


People don’t get a phone out at cinemas, theatres or art exhibitions. Maybe it is something in the soul of music fans in that they expect something for free all the time. Never satiated.

I expect Jimmy Hendrix’s album title ‘Are You Experienced’ make come to have a new meaning in the music gig arena.

Live it, don’t film it.