Month: May 2013

Bad move by You Tube ~ They are slowly destroying the brand


“YouTube is getting close to launching a first set of channel subscriptions, and kids programming could play a prominent role..” Paid Content.

Bad move by You Tube. They are slowly destroying the brand.

The brand has been built by amateur film makers and independent professionals uploading 

videos of cats and dogs playing the piano, wacky cooks in kitchens and 7 year old children in China playing Beethoven sonatas. That is what built the channel, not the established broadcasting world. 

Many who have viewed You Tube did so to get away from broadcasting companies who simply throw out the same garbage year in, year out.

So, it is strange that You Tube are offering a financial deal to the very companies who played no part in developing You Tube into a global brand.

The video below is a fine example of what You Tube amateurs have brought to enliven the lives of people through entertainment: 80 + million viewers cannot be wrong.
You may have seen many imitations and copies of this video but I think this couple were the first with the idea.