Twitter – New Rules of engagement

Twitter – New Rules of engagement

From January, 2013 everyone will have their followers deleted and you will have to start assembling new followers.

All the people you follow will be removed from your account.

Everyone will start with a clean slate.

From now on, at the end of every year, all accounts will be cleared of followers.

This will ensure you all make the effort to talk to new people (apart from Bots who don’t talk to anyone).

Anyone who you have previously followed cannot be followed again for at least a year.


2013 – find new people to follower, accept new followers.

2014 – account cleared, start again; though you cannot follow anyone your followed in 2013

2015 – account cleared, start again; you can now follow people you followed in 2013 but not anyone you followed in 2014.

Special rule – anyone who plays an electric keyboard is not allowed to follow a pianist, a trombonist, or come to think of it, a percussionist ….

Are you still with me at the back?

There will be no appeals, exceptions, or twisting the rules.

Happy hunting.