Month: September 2012

One Wedding, No Funeral

If it is your ‘special day’ you want to ensure that all the events are captured on the wedding video. You hope to be able to view your video, five, ten or twenty years on and not be asking yourself: why didn’t they film ______ ?

The other day I viewed a wedding video which fell well short of expectations. All that was included in the final cut was the guests arriving, the ceremony, guests leaving.

There were no shots of the party, dance, speeches, the happy couple cutting the cake or the two of them driving off into the sunset.

Whether a wedding consists of two hundred guests or is a small affair of twenty, the minimum requirements for a good wedding video are:


Exterior church

Interior church

Guests arriving

Groom and Best Man arrive

Bride and her Father arrive

Ceremony and Vows

Bride and her Groom leave the Church

Interviews with a few of the guests

Montage of all the children attending

The Meal


Party / Dance

The Happy Couple as they drive off

Music montage of the highlights of the day


Maybe not all the above would make the final cut but most of them should or at least be filmed and handed over to the couple for their own family archive.

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On the Telegraph Road

The other night as I walked home a man approached me. He was overweight, short hair, about fifty years of age.

It was late, chilly. I was carrying my guitar, Yamaha Acoustic, in a case. I had almost slipped past the doorway of my local pub when he came hastily out of the door.

He walked toward me, smiled, slightly breathless. He held up his hand to stop me. I wondered if he knew me? Some character from my distant past? College? Work?

‘Excuse me, he said, ‘do you have a plectrum?’

‘Are you winding me up?’

‘No’, he said. ‘I’m playing a gig in the pub and I’ve come without any plectrums’.


‘Have you got a spare?’, he said, with a slight urgency.

‘I think so’.

‘A medium?’

I laughed, he was lucky I was passing. Now he wants a specific type of plectrum.

‘Yeah’, I replied, ‘I don’t like the hard ones’.

‘Been playing a gig?’, he asked.

‘Er, no’.

A pause.

‘I’ve been with a two and three year old’, I said, ‘both boys. Every two weeks or so I play the guitar to get them into music. Start them early. They play my guitar too, they love it’

I fumbled about in my jacket pocket, found a plectrum. Gave it to him.

‘How much’, he asked, ‘I’ll  pay you’.

‘No, on the house’.

‘Want to stop for a drink?’, he offered.

‘No, better get home’.

It’s all rock and roll around here. The spirit of the sixties lives on. Off I strode into the distance and he went back to his gig.

No doubt he approached me thinking I looked like the kind of guy who could play Dire Straits, ‘Telegraph Road’ from memory. I can’t ….. but maybe he could. I should have asked him.


One Man, One Goal, Two Thousand Miles

Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming Paul Hodgkinson. He is a man ‘with a mission’ who has taken on something which could have been written for a Hollywood movie starring Vinnie Jones or Tom Wilkinson.

Paul has set himself the task of walking to every Football League club, all ninety-two of them, to raise money for two charities: Leukaemia/Lymphoma Research and RNIB.

Paul choose those two charities because he lost an eye in an accident and is now losing the sight in his remaining eye; his support for the Leukaemia charity stems from the Liverpool football player Brad Jones, whose six-year old son Luca, died from the disease in November 2011.

Paul now enters the last week of his two thousand mile walk. His journey around the highways and byways have not been easy. Almost run over by an articulated truck, a suspected stress fracture of his leg, problems with ankles, feet and the odd loss of toe nails. Though he has found help which has kept him upright and walking: generous help from doctors, physiotherapists and NHS walk in centres.

On Monday 17th September Paul will complete his long walk at Liverpool Football Club. No doubt there will be one or two supporters there to greet him.

It is a remarkable achievement. It was an honour to meet him at Blackpool Football Club.

I’ll post the video interview up on this blog and You Tube next week; so do check back and if you feel like making a donation to Paul’s cause visit his web site.