THE OLD MANOR HOUSE – by Charlotte Turner Smith (1749 – 1806) eBook

The Old Manor House was first published in 1793.

A young man, who is to inherit the local Manor House from a childless old lady risks losing everything when he falls in love with one of the servants.

England, 1776n

A young man Orlando (21) has been brought up all his life to expect that he will one day inherit the local Manor House. Mrs. Rayland, the owner of the house, has made a ‘will’ which she hides inside the family chapel.

Orlando falls in love with Monimia (18) one of the servants at Rayland Hall. However he has to keep his relationship secret from Mrs. Rayland otherwise she will cut him out of the ‘will’ and throw Monimia out onto the street.

Orlando’s father also fears that Mrs. Rayland will take away the inheritance and risk the future of his family if she learns of the relationship. He decides to get Orlando away from Monimia and arranges for an army commission to be bought for his son.

Orlando’s father is told his son will be assigned to a recruiting party and only serve in England. Unfortunately, the Revolutionary War in America turns against the British and Orlando is sent overseas.

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Part Two and Part Three – can be viewed inside the eBook.

The Old Manor House by Charlotte Turner Smith – iBookstore