Our Sam had popped down to the Co-op

Our Sam had popped down to the Co-op
He had muttered he,“wouldn’t be long”.
Said he needed a, “bar of carbolic”,
as he was starting to “smell very strong”.

Sammy had been gone for nearly an hour
It was ‘reet’ at the top of the steepest of hills.
Maybe his ticker was giving him trouble?
Though I had seen him taking his pill.

Yet there was no sign at the top of that hill,
So I e-mailed, faxed and finally phoned,
I even texted the Co-op and silently moaned.
‘Did you see our Sam, did he have his pills?”

The shop assistant suddenly texted me,
said she was serving a man, “waving a sawn off shot gun”.
I suddenly worried about our Sammy.
He had only gone for a large hot cross bun.

The Co-op is no longer standing
They replaced it with a big All Bar One.
Our Samy he never came back from the Co-op,
The police say, “he’s still on the run”.