Getting into Film/TV for Composers

Not easy, as I suspect some of you already know. Ways to achieve it? Offer pieces of your work for free to a couple of new filmmakers. You would only need to let them use 30 sec or a minute of a piece. They are not going to want to use the whole piece.
You could team up with some indie filmmakers. That is what tends to happens on the web site

At Mandy filmmakers advertise for crew, writers etc to work for free on short films. Though I would no offer any of your services or music without checking out the quality of the filmmakers work first but there are genuinely good filmmakers who use


Get yourself listed on Kays.
It is free and just about everyone on their list is a working pro.

You could look at the LA or UK list of film editors/directors and choose a few to send a sample of your work. Yes, it is a long shot but it does work.

At the BBC I used Christopher Gunning’s work a few times. His label had sent me a spec CD …. and yes he was paid for this work. So, that is worth a try.


Film editors have a greater role in creating a film than the public realise. They often work by themselves and will choose what music suits certain sequences.

At times a director will turn up and the editor will say, ‘I think we should use this’ so editors are good to make friends with.

There are creative directories of people and companies who work in Hollywood.
Martin Scorsese has used the same film editor since the 1970s.

I would send a few CDs of your work to film editors working on feature films
and also editors working on TV documentaries. Documentaries use music more than features so I would concentrate on them. Look at the credits on TV programmes to see who the editor was.

You must, at times, be able to compose to film sequences which are already cut. Film runs at 25 – frames per sec in the UK and 30 in the USA.

Though I always prefered that the music be composed first then I would cut to the music.
I do not like sequences which are cut to the beat all the time. I always vary where the edit comes.

You can see some of my work on You Tube. The two below give you a flavour of how I edit and direct.

I personally think classical music needs to get into the modern world. From a TV point of view, they are still filming orchestras the way they did in the 1950s.

Chopin~Ballade number 1 in G minor – Nick Curror


For composers and musicians who do not know, Soundcloud is a very useful site for showcasing your work.

Ron Taylor (ex BBC)