Dr Zeno’s Pigs – opening to the novel

Dr Zeno's Pigs

The opening to a novel which is a spoof of the film ‘Apocalypse Now’.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, to be a pig

Sometime in the future


West Riding

Two feet splash through dirty shallow water as a young man in his twenties flees for his life. He struggles to stay upright as his feet slide on stones beneath the water. Soon he is out of the river and onto the safety of the bank. He tries to keep on running but eventually loses his grip in a marshy field. He stumbles to the ground, breathless.

The sound of the helicopters are louder, closer. He looks around to see if he can see them. With all his strength he struggles to his feet and tries to keep himself upright and moving.

The helicopters approach over a distant hill he has recently scrambled over. If he is to get away from them he needs somewhere to hide. He looks around; to his left a pine forest offered what might be his best chance of survival. It was a fifty yards away, his heart sinks, it seems miles away. He takes a deep breath and yanks himself into action and heads for the security of the forest. After a few yards he falls over, picks himself up but is soon on the floor again. He attempts to get a foothold but slips back into a pool of mud.

The helicopters close in on him. In the distance he can hear dogs bark; they approach from the opposite side of the field.

He picks himself up, crawls over a wire fence. He staggers toward the comfort of the trees and slumps against a giant pine. The ground is wet but he is too tired to stand or crouch. He slumps to the floor and prays they do not find him. To his left the dogs bark louder, to his right the sound of a helicopter which hovers above the fence where he entered the forest.

A line is thrown out of a side door of the helicopter and four armed men in red jumpsuits drop to the ground. They immediately see their prey and close in.

The young man is too weak to put up any meaningful fight and is grabbed by two men. Within minutes they drag him along the floor and throw him into the back of the helicopter. The side door is quickly closed as the helicopter takes off.


      After thirty minutes in the air the helicopter makes a low level approach toward an eighteenth century country house. It flies over a high metal perimeter fence and then over armed guards who control access to the house. As the helicopter comes into land in the middle of a court yard men and women in medical uniform rush toward it. The young man, now unconscious and strapped down to a stretcher, is off loaded and taken into the house. One of the female medical staff inserts an intravenous drip into his arm.

Once inside the building the unconscious body of the young man is moved to an operating trolley and pushed quickly down a corridor; on both sides are rooms which hold pigs in aluminum pens, only one pig to a pen. The rooms are bathed in white light, clinical, spotless. The staff who work in these rooms can often be heard muttering, ‘you can eat your dinner off the floor.’ There is not a single piece of dust, dirt or blood on any of the surfaces.

The young man on the trolley is quickly wheeled into Theatre One where a team of surgeons and nurses wait for him.

The leather straps which bind him are undone and in a single move he is moved from the trolley onto the operating table.

A tall unshaven medical assistant looks at the young man’s medical notes, ‘the kid works as a lawyer’ he says, then flicks through a couple of pages of the medical notes.

‘A lawyer doesn’t need a heart,’ says the surgeon, who then makes a few hasty cuts into young man’s chest. His hands move with the speed of a butcher in a shop. His bedside manner would not have been out of place in the days of Roman Britain. No one in the room is under any illusion that the health and safety of the patient is important.

There is the sound of cutting and then a long squelch; finally the surgeon’s blood smeared hands pull out the young man’s heart. The surgeon smiles as he turns to the nurse with the beating bleeding heart firmly in his hand.

‘Get this on ice immediately.’

She moves confidently toward him but suddenly trips and falls into the back of the surgeon. The heart flies out of his hands and spins through the air like an American football. It seems to fly in slow motion; spins, turns and unfortunately loses height.

In his haste to regain a grip on the heart the surgeon knocks over the bag of ice which is there to keep it at a regular temperature. Other members of the medical team also slip on ice cubes.

‘Catch it,’ screams the nurse.

The surgeon pushes one of the male nurses out of the way so that he can get to the heart.

‘Leave it to me!’, he yells to his subordinates.

The heart flies for a few more yards before it lands with a soft squelchy noise on the floor. In his haste the surgeon slips on a stray ice cube and falls on top the heart squashing it completely. The male medical assistant lets out a cry of despair, a nurse screams.

Oh no, oh no, oh no…’ whispers the surgeon as blood trickles from his cut mouth.


Washington DC, USA

      Three thousand air miles away the Stars and Stripes flutter in a warm breeze. The White House, a strong emblem of a great nation, stands proud and defiant since the day it was built in seventeen hundred and ninety-two. A symbol of absolute power which has been ready for anything which the cruel world can throw at it.

Inside is a conscientious President who serves his country well, who meets Triumph and Disaster and treats those two impostors just the same; though during the last few months he is not quite as fit as the American people have been led to believe. His future, his life, now firmly rests with the efforts and medical help from a friendly nation. He is a man in need of a new heart …

An ill looking President Rush in bed. He looks older than his fifty years of age. He is know as man who thinks like a forty year old but moves like an eighty year old. Two nurses help the President sit up. One of the nurses straightens his pajama jacket, he doesn’t like her fussing and gently pushes her away.

A Black American, Tina Johnson, mid forties, runs into the bedroom clutching a piece of paper. She has been close to the President since the first day of the Primaries. She looks worried. In her haste one of the heels on her shoes breaks. With great difficulty she tries to prevent herself from falling onto the President’s bed but fails. The President and his two nurses wince as Tina hits the foot of the bed and slumps to the floor.

‘Mr. President, we have a problem,’ she says, as she pulls herself off the carpet.

‘Tina,’ barks the President, ’the whole world has a problem.’

He grabs at the television remote control by the side of his bed and presses a button. The widescreen on the wall flashes into life.

‘You’re going to watch the news?’ Tina asks, ‘when did you last have a briefing?’

‘This morning but I didn’t like what I heard.’

A newsreader, with a Texan accent and a grim expression, brings the American public up to date: “Today the World is in panic as the Human Heart Virus spreads” booms out from the television set.

A gasp rumbles around the President’s bedroom.

‘Damn it!’ The President shrugs, then throws a book at the TV.

A fast paced montage of images from around the world are shown on the news programme accompanied by stern matter of fact reporters from various locations.

A young female reporter dressed in a bear skin suit struggles to keep her balance in a snow storm and shouts into her microphone,”in Alaska today it was reported that an Eskimo who was fishing by a hole in the ice cap had a heart attack and fell through the ice.”

A male fresh faced reporter in a smart suit stands by the London Eye and delivers his piece to camera, ‘many dealers are going down with heart problems and the stock market is crashing……’

‘Not much change there…’ mumbles the President.’

The news programme cuts back to the studio presenter, “The heart virus is believed to be caused by the wheat in bread, millions of people could be affected.”

People burning bread in India appear on the screen.

The President cries out, ‘Enough, enough …’ he turns to Tina, ‘call a meeting in the Situation Room.’


         The oval shaped desk which dominates the Situation Room is surrounded by men and a few women. A couple of the men remove their jackets, they look like they have only had a few hours of sleep between them; one or two of the women, all heels and skirts, stagger into the room as if they just got out of bed.  A White House photographer works the room grabbing all the public relation shots he can get. Most of the men have discarded their ties, many of them have furrowed brows, worry lines are in sharp focus. One of the women thinks about adding a touch more make up but decides it can wait. Briefing papers litter the desk, glasses with water are scattered around files marked ‘Top Secret.’ The TV screens which adorn the walls are all black save one. On the wall opposite the President’s seat a large screen shows a twenty-four hour news feed from World News Channel. On the screen a news anchor reads news no one wants to hear; the TV sound is off.

The President drums a fast beat on the table with his fingers, a slight exasperated look on his face. A Doctor enters the room, slightly embarrassed that he is late. He gives a childish smile to everyone in the room before making his way to the head of the table.

‘Late again, Henry,’ the President smirks, ‘you’ll be late for your own honeymoon.’

The doctor quickly opens his medical bag and takes out a stethoscope. The President opens his pajama jacket and the doctor listens to his heart. You could hear a pin drop then the silence is broken by a crash as one of the men knocks over his glass of water. The President gives the offender a stern look. The doctor continues to listen.

‘Sir, you’re all right for a while but try to take it easy.’

Tina enters the room. She has changed her clothes and looks a million dollars. All the other women hate her. She carries a large folder and has several documents in her hands. One of the men gives her a certain look. She knows what he wants but is not prepared to sacrifice a single kiss for a mere West Wing speech writer.

Tina approaches the President.

‘Sir, the heart which had been reserved for you has…met with an accident.’

‘What the hell happened?’

‘They gave it…’ Tina puts on a brave face, ‘to a young British guy by mistake.’

The President looks exasperated, ‘So, get it back….’

‘They tried that…’


Tina shuffles on her feet and prepares herself for a critical blast from the President then thinks it might be better to withhold the truth.

‘You don’t want to know the rest.’

The doctor steps forward with a sense of urgency.

‘Sir, a better option would be a transplant of a pig’s heart.’

At that moment an overweight man clutching an extra large salad sandwich breezes into the room. He looks deeply harassed, no tie, shirt sleeves rolled up, a cigar tucked behind his ear.

“Robert!’, the President smiles as the tie-less man grabs a seat, ‘Thank God you’re here. Give me all you’ve got.’

Robert breathes deeply, he slowly gets his breath back then hesitates.

‘Sir, the supply of pig’s hearts….’ Robert clears his throat and takes another breath, ‘the pig’s hearts for transplants has run dry. All the pigs in the USA have been affected by a clinical malfunction …’

The President slams his right hand hard down onto the table. All the White Staff jump as the President’s hand hits the desk.

‘So, fix it!’

‘Sir, they’re working on it.’ Robert shuffles the documents in his hand and passes a piece of paper to the President, ‘my guys have located a good source of pigs hearts and heart stem cells. They’re held by a Dr. Zeno …..’

The President glances at the paper, looks up at his staff, ‘where the hell is West Riding?’

‘England,’ replies Tina.

The President passes the paper to the doctor who then hands it back to Robert.

‘Robert,’ the President stands and paces up and down, ‘is this the best the CIA can come up with?’ He turns on the doctor.

‘What about Gorilla’s hearts you were playing around with? You did the first transplant two years ago…what happened to him?’

‘Well, it didn’t quite …’ stutters the doctor.

The President holds up both his hands, ‘Stop! ‘I’m tired of hearing about failure.’

The President looks at his CIA Chief.

‘Robert, you had a lab in Argentina messing about with Kangaroo hearts …’

‘Don’t ask Mr. President…..’

The sound of a door slammed shut somewhere in the West Wing highlights the intense silence of the Situation Room.

Robert moves close to the President and whispers, ‘Sir, we should ask the British for help.’

The President looks Robert in the eye and hopes for a sign of reassurance which isn’t forthcoming. He then beckons Tina to come close.

‘Tina, politely ask the Brits for their pigs and don’t mention the Revolutionary War.’

The President slumps back into his chair. A silence. No one wants to speak.

Tina breaks the silence, ‘let’s assume …they won’t play ball.’

Robert stands up, ‘that’s right, we won’t be able to just walk in and get them.’

‘Then we do it our way! The American way!’

With a single look Robert hints that he needs to be elsewhere and clears up his documents. The President waves him away.

As Robert reaches the door he receives an order from the President.

‘Robert, get a guy over there quick. A top man. Delta Force, a Navy Seal, someone who will get a result.’

‘What do we call the mission?’

Everyone in the room looks at the President apart from a few of the men who look at Tina.

The President thinks for a moment then …

‘Operation-Pump Blood.’


You can read the first nine chapters here:

Authonomy.com/books – http://tiny.cc/4jzhuw

to be continued …..
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You Say you want to Break Up

‘Break up’, you say you want to ‘break up’.                                                                                           I would fall apart, fall to pieces, become a                                                                               fragment in your story.                                                                                                                            Do not fracture my heart,                                                                                                             shatter my illusions or splinter my soul.

You say you want to break up.

Perhaps we could explode,                                                                                                                    blow up or blow ourselves apart;                                                                                                     better than letting it crumble,                                                                                                   deteriorate, decay, decompose at a slow, slow pace.

I don’t want to rot in your memory,                                                                                                 perish the thought, or collapse into                                                                                                                an emotional wreck.

You were such a wonderful degenerate in bed;                                                                                        I think we should teeter toward an                                                                                                                        informal bust up, rather then be smashed to smithereens.

I say I want to break up.

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Eating Fruit


Eating Fruit

Tight, pink and wild, they sway to a gentle movement
stretched over a bed large enough to satisfy anyone.
Only the gentle sound of sighs broke through the silence of the morning,
as an accompaniment to the soft sound of the amber flesh
used to arouse and awaken.

Oh, to taste from tip to toe.
Of knowing when to start,
to sharing what you know.

Fruit always tastes sweeter in the glimmer of first light.
When hands, fingers, mouths are slow and bodies are tight.
To taste the flesh with the tip of a tongue,
To open and reveal,
To caress, to excite, a simple touch of delight.


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Beach – film in a single day


Occasionally I like to set myself the task of making a short film in a day, using footage from one shoot. The limitations on how much I can shoot are the length of time the battery lasts and the amount of space I have on the iPad.

I have camera but I like the limitations mentioned above that force me to come up with succinct idea which doesn’t become major epic or a film which is going to take a few weeks to finish.

The music is a track I completed the other week, so for the purists, that is not something I did on the same day as the shoot.

Beach –  final edit.


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Moving External Video/Music into iMovie on an iPad


At times you will have video or music files which you have not shot/recorded on your iPad. How do you get that material into iMovie on your tablet? E-mail.

Above you can see that I have e-mailed to myself an MP3 Music track called Rock Factory.

TAP on it

You then get asked how you want to open the music track.


Select ‘open in iMovie’

You then get asked by iPad to select which Project or Create New Movie to insert your music.


I selected ‘Drama Edit’ and the track is loaded straight into the timeline.


Regardless of the running time of your movie the music will always be dropped into the timeline at the start of your film.

You may not want your music at the start so you need to use the ‘fix’ I created in the previous lesson under the heading: “Using Music Track as Spacing”. That will show show you how to add ‘spacing’ to your audio track.

However if you are wanting to start your movie with music then the job is done.

USB Memory Stick

Another way to get your external media files into iMovie on your iPad is to use a USB memory stick.

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How to Edit Video on an iPad – sound mix









This lesson deals with what film editors used to call track laying: which translated means the editing and mixing of two or more different audio tracks in order to create an enriched soundtrack to your film.

Whether that be a feature film, short film, wedding video or a film about your dog, all of them will benefit from a soundtrack which has different elements.

Elements? Sounds like: dialogue, car doors opening and closing, rain, wind, music etc etc

Even a modest short film or home movie can benefit from the use of at least one music track. Though be careful of using copyrighted material. Some artists will let you use their tracks providing you give them a credit plus a link to their iTunes site; one artist has gone further, Moby offers a free license to use his music. Moby was the first one that I know to create a site where you can download his music and obtain a license for free. You will find a link to Moby’s site at the bottom of this post.

The iPad seems to come with a limit of two audio tracks but you shouldn’t let that hold you back. Though the iPad does have a gremlin in the way it works with audio tracks but I have found and easy way to get around that.

I am using a few clips from a short film I made about an English painter, Andrew Dixon. I interviewed him then later in the day I filmed Andrew painting by a canal. In this example I will show you how to have an opening shot with music; then as we cut into Andrew painting I add a voice over and finally cut to him in sync. Notice how I start with music then fade it down as I get into the painting sequence. Then as the interview ends I fade up the music to end the piece.

Let’s get started.

First here the cut sequence:










Looking at the image above you can see the shots in the top of the timeline. Then come the two audio tracks.


The top BLUE track is sync effects: Andrew walking through the grass, sound of him painting and his sync interview.

The bottom GREEN track contains the music, a track called ROCK FACTORY.

iPad Gremlin

Unfortunately the iPad throws in an automatic slight fade down when the shot of Andrew walking through the field cuts in. I would have preferred to have my music kept higher at the start then have a longer fade out under his painting.

Using Music Track as Spacing

As you can see the music track appears to be in three pieces even though you only hear it at the front of the film and at the end. This is because iPad would not allow me to have a section of music at the front followed by a space before the end piece of music came in.

The way I found around this was to insert a section of the music again. I made this second section last until the place in the film where I needed to hear the music again. I then dropped in the music again for the third section which is the music you hear at the end. Then I dropped the audio level down to zero for the middle section.

I have used the middle section of the music track purely to space out the section 1 of the music and section 2, so that the end piece only comes in where I want it to.

How to create a fade up or down

You TAP on the section of the audio track that you want to fade in or out. Below you can see I have highlighted section 1 of the music.



Once you have TAPPED on the section you will see TWO YELLOW ARROWS appear.






You then slide one of the arrows depending on whether you want a FADE UP or a FADE DOWN.

You will also see that a SLIDER has appeared below the track. This enables you to control the audio level. When you have music playing under someone talking you will need to control the audio level so as to not drown out your interviewee with music.


Many thanks to Andrew Dixon for use of his interiew.

Here is Andrew’s site:


Here is Moby’s site:


Here is the sequence again.

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How to Edit Video on an iPad – index





Part One – getting started – http://wp.me/p2jp1D-qS

Part Two – dissolves and cuts - http://wp.me/p2jp1D-s9

Part Three – assembly edit – http://wp.me/p2jp1D-sv

Part Four – slow motion – http://wp.me/p2jp1D-sZ

Part Five – sounds mixes – http://wp.me/p2jp1D-u3

Arriving soon … Part Six: Cuts, dissolves, wipes

Directing drama, overlapping action, music montage, adding sound effects and more.


THREE TWEETS - drama:iPadsm

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How to Edit Video on an iPad – slow motion

This is an easy effect to achieve on the iPad.

After you have placed your shot in the editing timeline:








TAP on it:








Then you TAP on ‘Speed’ at the bottom of the editing window:











Which then displays a slider with a Rabbit at one end and a Tortoise at the opposite end.














Select the Tortoise and your shot instantly expands which gives you Slow Motion (Slow Mo) for your movie. It is a nice effect to drop into any film but use it sparingly. You don’t want the whole of your movie to look like the Running on the Beach Scene in the film ‘Chariots of Fire.’

Here are a before and after of the shot featured in the images above:



Below is a Montage from Chariots of Fire to inspire you… :) A few Slow Mo are used.

Chariots of Fire – Beach Scene – music montage

How to Edit Video on an iPad – part one



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